Welcome to the World of Jairam Strap

JAIRAM STRAP™ packaging solution, understands the core manufacturing process rehabilitating the actual purpose of its application and providing the prescribed solutions. The unique tailored way of packaging provides credential and support to your organization, triangulating performance, economy and safety to our clients. JAIRAM STRAP™ manufactures diversified specialized expertise, innovative thinking and value added products, to meet the critical specification of varied global industries.

Within a Polymer industry since 1986, Jairam Group of Plastics has attained 25 glorious years of manufacturing experience with Plastic and Polymer Products. With an outstanding achiever, Jairam Polymer Group now withstands 8 manufacturing Industries, including major contemporary performers catering to more than 86000 Industries within India and holds a commanding approach in global market. JAIRAM STRAP™ was one of the first P.E.T Strap supplier in Rajkot, Metoda GIDC, established in the year 2010, holds the leading manufacturer and exporter of P.E.T Straps throughout India and credential share in the Global Market.

We strive to be a value-driven leader through responsive field support, application engineering and technological innovations. Our goal is to continuously improve our systems to meet your speed and efficiency requirements, while simultaneously reducing your overall costs.

JAIRAM STRAP™ Pvt Ltd. India, founded in 2010, JAIRAM STRAP™ manufacturer and international supplier of plastic strapping for a wide range of bundling and unitizing applications. We have spent quality time after developing a reputation for innovation, quality, and excellent customer services since years. Our uncompromising standards have resulted in high quality strapping regularly outperforming the competition. Based in Rajkot, Metoda GIDC, we cater entire West Coast of India, provinces of South India and Major North Segment. Our Product can be seen in more than 2000 Industries throughout India. Jairam P.E.T Strap is designed and built to provide Protection Layer, Streamline Production and Improving profit margin by reducing demurrage cost to the applied product. Our customer- centric packaging is encapsulated under International Standards of Quality Management System. Product range is within the adherence to ISO 9001:2008, IS 15559:2004 ;Polyester Strapping, IS 13360 for Tensile Strength and ASTM : D : 3950- 04.